Admissions Made Easy


Students are more than their resume or transcript, direct messaging and live interviews takes interaction to whole new level.


The HBCU HUB App allows you to recruit minority students from all around the world without incurring the cost of travel.


Meeting students where they are, is more important than ever, using our platform gives you a new marketing channel while enhancing your other marketing efforts.

Recruiter Interface

The HBCU HUB App is your go to when connecting with minority students for undergraduate and graduate programs!


Student Interface

The HBCU HUB App makes it easy to compare schools and find the perfect fit based on the things that matter to you the most. Apply for scholarships, and connect directly with coaches, recruiters, and students for a more personalized experience as you prepare for the next step of your academic journey.

Coach Interface

Source The Best High School Talent, Directly Message Star Athletes, And Access Real Sports Footage!


The app is FREE to join!

  • • Download HBCU Hub on Android or Apple
  • • Once verified you can schedule to 10 video calls per a month for free
  • • All HBCU requirement staff and sports coaches can join

For unlimited access signup your whole school to a paid plan for only $500 a month
Yes, your whole university staff from sports coaches to admissions recruiters, can onboard the app for only $500 a month!

with a 12 month commitment


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